Dyno Tuning – Car Tuners

We are well known in the district for our expertise in tuning engines.

Dyno tuning is about achieving the best air-fuel ratios for your engine whether it has a carburettor or EFI. A tuned engine doesn’t have to work as hard, saving you from costly repairs.


There are two types of dynos – rolling road and hub. We have a rolling road dyno. This replicates a more natural environment for a car, whereas a hub dyno only works off the wheels spinning without all of the natural aspects of the road involved.

When we’ve dyno-tuned your engine, it will perform at its optimum, ensuring engine health.

We are Eurotune dealers

We are the Waikato dealer for Eurotune.

Eurotune ECU remapping provides the best quality car tuning services and vehicle emission solutions for European, British, Japanese and Korean cars, vans, 4x4s, utes and motorhomes.

Our ECU tuning will unleash the power, torque and engine response that your vehicle should have left the factory with.